Welcome to Southern Wholesale Phuket

...Where Quality is the Watchword

As one of the leading suppliers of bacon sausage hams and all meat products in the industry in Thailand.

We have carefully selected our supplies and manfacteurs from Bangkok & Pattaya to ensure you can get the best products for your guests and the home in Phuket at Bangkok Prices.

  • English Pork & Cumberland Sausage
  • Back, Middle & Wiltshire Bacon
  • Tasty Meat Pies with Quality Fillings
  • Gammon Steaks & Cooked Hams
  • Prime Quality Beef Steaks

We believe that we produce the finest sausages in Thailand, and we also supply cooked meats, BBQ meats, bacon, ham, as well as traditional black or white puddings, all manufactured to our exacting standards. As our products contain no artificial colouring, flavouring or flavour enhancers, they are completely safe to eat and you will find that they have none of the unwelcome gastric and behavioural after effects that sometimes accompany the consumption of mass-produced meat products, especially in children.

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